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Finding Ultraman (2019)

Finding Ultraman (2019)
1 h 30 min
 United States of America
Finding Ultraman
Release Date
The film is a warm road comedy movie that interprets the meaning of seeking. Telling an ordinary family, each member is a complete loser in society, so Dad made a bold decision to complete his dream for his son - looking for Altman. The family drove the big dog cart borrowed by his father from the circus. Along the way, I met a vagrant singer who was looking for a girlfriend to find a girlfriend. The enthusiastic Mongolian girl riding a motorcycle black shop repair shop, there were many wonderful and shocking stories along the way. At the beautiful lakeside, the daughter-in-law learned that her husband had been resigned, and the thunder caused her husband to tell the real reason for the trip. The wife understood that her husband was not easy and the family's feelings were released. Many people met along the way inspired each other through their own

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